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Pretrial Services

Jefferson County has been selected as one of eleven counties in Indiana to pilot a Pretrial Services Program in collaboration with the National Institute of Correction (NIC), the Office of Court Services and the Indiana Department of Correction. This collaborated effort with local key criminal justice stakeholders has developed policies and practices in accordance to the Elements of a Highly Functional Pretrial System. The overarching goal of Pretrial Services is: To Maximize Public Safety, To Maximize Appearance Rate and To Maximize Release

Pretrial Services Staff interview every person who is arrested within 24 hours of the arrest with a state-wide standardized risk assessment. The outcomes of that validated assessment are placed in a matrix which takes into account the severity of the offense. That information is put into a report and given to the Judge, Prosecutor and Defense Representative before the defendant has his/her first hearing. The Pretrial Report is utilized by the Judge in making informed decisions on whether to released the defendant from jail or to set a bond on the defendant based upon the defendant's risk to reoffend or not appear in Court.

If the person is released from jail, they are placed on different levels of pretrial supervision according to risk. This includes texting notification of Court hearings only, standard supervision with office appointments or electronic monitoring. Participants are encouraged to enter into programs according to their needs. If a violation occurs, the Courts are notified.

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