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Day Reporting

Target Population: Moderate to High risk adult male and female felons that are convicted of non-violent felonies (according to IC 11-12-3.7-6). Offenders can be placed with community corrections for execution of a suspended sentence or as a condition of probation. Day Reporting can be with or without electronic monitoring electronic monitoring depending upon the Court order and/or the defendant’s risk and/or behaviors.

Description: Participants are given a realm of assessments to determined risk/needs, and a case plan is developed. The case plan targets ciminongenic needs and includes addressing anti-social attitudes/beliefs/ behaviors and peers; substance abuse issues; family issues; employment needs; neighborhood issues; education needs; and leisure activities. Once the risk and needs are identified, the case manager refers the offender to the appropriate agencies for programming/risk needs. A number of cognitive curriculums are used to address the anti-social attitudes/beliefs/ behaviors and peers issues; family issues; and neighborhood issues. Offenders are referred to LifeSpring or Centerstone for mental health and substance abuse issues; Employment Plus, Manpower and River Valley Resources for employment and education issues; and local community supports such as food banks, the Trustee office, social services, AA/NA, Celebrate Recovery and churches for leisure actives, basic living needs and community support. The case manager monitors the defendant’s progress of the case plan and supervises the defendant’s whereabouts. If the participant is in compliance with his case plan and has not committed any technical/new violations, they will be awarded to move levels with weekly free time with a gradual increase of free time until they eventually earn his/her way off monitor (usually around 8-10 months). In circumstances where the Court has ordered a maximum amount of days on monitor, the same process will apply but the offender will be off monitor when the maximum amount of days has been satisfied (but can be taken off early if in compliance of the case plan). Once the offender is off monitor, the case manager continues to supervise the offender be-week or monthly for a few months until the offender seems stable enough (due to the goals and objectives of the case plan being completed) to move to regular probation supervision. If the offender violates while on regular probation supervision, the probation officer sends the offender back to community corrections for staffing and re-evaluation of risk and needs. This may result in the offender being placed back on monitor and referred to programming as an administrative sanction; in patient treatment; or having a petition to revoke being filed 

For more information about the Day Reporting Program, please contact Staff Supervisor, Rhonda Wood at or call 812-265-7601.