Jefferson County Community Corrections

Pre-trial, Drug Court, Community Transition, Home Detention, Day Reporting, Jefferson Co Adult Treatment Train  

Jefferson County Community Corrections first received state funding on July 1, 2010. Amber Finnegan was hired as the first CC Director and has developed the agency from the beginning. The program was developed to provide additional services for those offenders who were in need of intensive community-based supervision. This provided the Courts with safe alternative sentencing options to divert offenders from the county jail and the Indiana Department of Correction along with developing and certifying a Drug Court Program. The program began with two small offices upstairs in the old extension office with one Director. In 2016, Community Corrections made its permanent home in a newly renovated building in downtown Madison. Community Corrections now consists of 18 employees who supervise over 450 participants.
What is Community Corrections?
Community Corrections is an alternative sentencing option that allows offenders to serve a consequence in the community rather than being incarcerated in jail or prison. It is designed to deliver evidence-based services to offenders so they can learn how to live a crime-free lifestyle. This includes offering a wide variety of assessments to determine risk and needs, developing case plans to set goals and outline program requirements, referring offenders to the appropriate programming based upon the assessments and monitoring the progress of those programs. It is our hope that participants take the opportunity the Courts have given them and decide to make positive changes in his or her life. We are confident that if participants complete the recommended treatment programs, they will have the tools needed to succeed in life. 

Community Corrections Advisory Board

Under IC 11-12-2-2 Community Correction falls under county government and is overseen by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets on a regular basis and approves community correction grants, budgets and policy and procedures. Members include:

President: Katie Jenner, Education

Vice President: Chad Lewis, Prosecutor

Secretary: Julie Mitchell, Chief Probation Officer

Darrell Auxier, Circuit Court Judge              Michael Hensley, Superior Court Judge

John Wallace, Sheriff                                     Gary Keith, Division of Child Services   

Damon Welch, Mayor                                     James Spencer, Defense Attorney

Sara Minor, Victim                                          Heather Foy, County Council

Renee Johnson, Mental Health Rep.             Jeremy Perkins, Madison Chief of Polic

Lay Persons:  Sheila Coffin, Denise Leske and Julie Wattenbarger