Jefferson County Community Corrections

Pre-trial, Home Detention, Day Reporting, Drug Court, JCATT 

Community Correction Components
Offenders can be referred to Community a number of different ways through a Court Order. Regardless of how offenders are placed with Community Corrections, all components follow the same evidence-based practices: assessments, case plans that target needs, referrals to appropriate programming and monitoring of progress. The frequency of meeting with a case manager will depend upon the assessment and progress in the program. Offenders may be referred to Community Corrections through the following Court orders:
Placement as a Condition of Probation (Day Reporting Program)
Placement as a condition of probation are placed on our Day Reporting program. This does not mean offenders report daily, but frequency will depend upon the assessment. This may or may not include electronic monitoring depending upon the Court order. Once monitoring is completed (if it is ordered) and the elements of the case plan are completed, the offender is sent to probation for regular supervision.
Direct Commitments (Home Detention Program)
Direct Commitments are executions of sentences in lieu of jail or prison. Offenders are placed on home detention with a GPS device for the number of days ordered by the Court.
Drug Court
This component is our most intensive program for those with substance abuse problems. Participants who complete the Drug Court program have the opportunity of having their charges dismissed. If you are interested in applying to the Drug Court program, talk with your attorney or stop by our office for more information.
Jefferson County Adult Treatment Train (JCATT)
Offenders placed in the JCATT program are assessed, supervised and referred to treatment services according to risk - much like the Day Reporting program but without electronic monitoring. This component is for those who do not need the intensive supervision of regular community corrections, but are in need of services.
Pre-Trial Supervision
The Court may order offenders to be supervised by Community Corrections Pretrial as a condition of bond or if they are released. This may or may not include electronic monitoring which is specified in the pretrial release order.
Community Transition Program (CTP)
This component is an early release program from IDOC. It functions much like the Day Reporting Program. Participants are placed on GPS during the entire CTP period.